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How to speed up patch loading in Kontakt?

If you find that patches are loading slower than you would like, it’s a good idea to Batch Re-save your library. To do this, do the following:

  • Open Kontakt in Stand-Alone mode (not hosted in a sequencer) and navigate to the File icon (floppy icon) and click on it.

  • Navigate to the Batch re-save option.

  • You will be prompted with a warning. Don’t be too afraid, just click “Yes.”

  • Navigate to your Library folder, select the Library folder. Then click Open.

  • Wait patiently as Kontakt re-saves your instruments. After it’s done, your instruments will load much faster.

How do you use Kontakt?

LASS is a Kontakt based sound library. That means you load LASS into Native Instrument’s Kontakt sampler playback engine to play LASS. Kontakt in-and-of-itself is a very deep program affording great flexibility to users.

While the “basics” on how to use Kontakt are beyond the purview of Audiobro’s support for LASS, we will in fact answer many Kontakt related questions as value-added support for LASS. Also, our private support forums have over 16,000 queries relating to LASS and Kontakt. You might have a good chance in finding your Kontakt-related questions already answered if you do a search in our forums.

That said, we expect our users to have a basic understanding of Kontkat. It is freely downloadable via NI’s site. For basic Kontakt related questions, please use Kontakt’s official forums here.

How does the dollar-for-dollar upgrade path work?

  • The “dollar-for-dollar” upgrade path offer is good through December 31st, 2018 and can be changed at Audiobro’s discretion. The “dollar-for-dollar” value is based on the current Audiobro sale price of the product from which you are upgrading. Simply put, the current Audiobro sales cost can be applied to the sale price of LASS Full (plus a $25 License Upgrade Fee) if you decide to upgrade.
  • For the sake of clarity, if you pay for an upgrade from LASS Lite to LASS Lite 2, that particular upgrade cost will not be factored into your LASS Full 2 upgrade… only the current price of LASS Lite 2 will be applied to your LASS Full 2 upgrade. The same principal applies to LASS FC.

How do I extract .rar files that came with my download?

  • If you downloaded large files from our server, you probably will notice they are .rar files. We chose this format because they use the best compression algorithm of all the widely supported formats and are reliable on all platforms.
  • If you do not have the capability to extract a .rar file on your computer, you can download one of these tools to do the job for you:
  • Here’s a link to winrar for PC:
  • Here’s a link to UnRarX for OSX:
  • If you have more than 1 .rar file to extract (or de-compress), start extraction with the first part (“…part1″) and the subsequent parts should extract automatically.

What Kontakt requirements do I need to run LASS?

  • You can find information about the system requirements and library size by viewing the Technical Info link on the right..

Does LASS come with a copy protection dongle?

No. LASS uses Native Instrument’s software copy protection method that involves using a serial number and downloading an activation key. This is done when you install the software on your computer. When you purchase an LASS license, you can install the library on 2 computers (which is recommended).

How many computers can I install LASS on?

Your audiobro license is a single user license and allows you to install LASS on 2 computers provided you are the sole user of those computers. Basically, you get 2 installs when you purchase an LASS license. If you need more, special arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Can I load all of LASS Full on 1 computer?

With enough RAM, any decent 4 core (or greater) machine running a 64 bit capable operating system (newer Mac OSX, Windows 7 or Vista) can load all of LASS on 1 machine. There are many users who use LASS on one machine without issues (we’ve been accused of being overly cautious with the “recommended” system requirements — especially considering some of today’s faster computers — 4 and 8 core machines). And even for those who have lesser computers, you can use the full mixes or you can even use LASS to the fullest by rendering midi tracks. However, as a safety dead-line precaution, we only recommend 2 computers for those “prime-time” professionals who would use LASS to the fullest with deep divisi writing on all string sections simultaneously and playback everything in real-time with no glitches at lower latencies.

What are the LASS System Requirements?

  • You can find information about the system requirements and library size by viewing the Technical Info link on the right.

How much reverb is there on the actual samples?

There is no “long hall” reverb on the samples… only the scoring stage “air”. LASS is supposed to be used with your own choice of reverb. The space that you hear on LASS is the early reflections of the scoring stage. They are very subtle and should not be considered as a “hall reverb”.
What reverbs were used on the LASS demos?

 Primarily, Altiverb’s Todd AO reverb was used on Reverie and She Was a Fair Lass. Lexicon PCM 90s were used on others.

What reverbs were used on the LASS demos?

Primarily, Altiverb’s Todd AO reverb was used on Reverie and She Was a Fair Lass. Lexicon PCM 90s were used on others.

What are the Full Mixes used for?

The Full Mixes are used to save you RAM and CPU performance. If you want a full section unison sound, and you find that you are taxing your computer too much, then you can use the Full mix patches. These patches are basically mix-downs of all the divisi sections (minus the first chairs).

The A.R.T. script sounds awesome. . . will it synchronize in any computer?

The A.R.T. script will synchronize to whatever host you are in. In other words, if you are using A.R.T patches in your DAW, they synchronize to your DAW host application (Logic, Nuendo, Cubase, Performer etc). If you use them in another machine hosted (for example) by Bidule, A.R.T will sync to Bidule. If A.R.T is used in a stand-alone mode, A.R.T will play at the tempo listed in Kontakt’s BPM field.

What kind of DVDs are used for the LASS library?

The DVDs are dual layer DVDs (also known as DVD-9). They hold about 8 gigs of information each. If you have a fairly old computer, you may want to verify that it will read dual layer DVDs.

How long will it take for each DVD to load into my system?

This depends on your system, but if you have an older DVD drive, be prepared to give each DVD about 45 minutes to load (maybe more depending on your system).

Using violins as an example, is there any reason why one might choose to layer each section of the violins separately instead of using the full section patch?


The Full Mix patches don’t give you the kind of independent control you can get from layering the different divisi ensembles. Here is an example of some of the things that can be done with layering the different divisi ensembles that can’t with the full mix:

  • independent CC control of each divisi layer
  • independent delay and humanization of each divisi layer
  • independent tuning of each divisi layer using the tuning script
  • independent panning control of each divisi layer
  • independent EQ control of each divisi layer
  • independent reverb sends amount of each divisi layer

Now, while you can add CC control, delay and humanization, tuning, panning, EQ and reverb to the Full mix…you are only doing so to a single Full Mix patch and it’s not the same as doing it independently amongst the different layers. It’s these differences in the divisi ensemble’s timing, performance and settings that adds to the LASS’s realism.

Depending on your setting, the difference between the Full Mix and layered divisi sections can range between subtle to drastic.

If I only get two LASS Licenses, how do I re-license it when I upgrade to a new computer?

You are free to upgrade systems and use LASS on any two computers at a time. Please email us your serial number and we will accommodate you.

What is the return policy for audiobro products?

AUDIOBRO RETURN POLICY: Downloaded software may not be returned. Audiobro products may only be returned if the software has not been installed or activated and the package is unopened or if it is defective or damaged and was not downloaded. If reported within 30 days of shipping, in cases where the product arrives damaged or is defective, we will send a replacement of the defective or damaged item (we may require the defective or damaged item to be returned before sending out a replacement). No audiobro software may be resold and the licenses are not transferable. *Downloaded software cannot be returned, and therefore we cannot make refunds. So please make sure you fully evaluate the product and listen to the demos and ask any questions before purchasing.