Feature Comparison

Differences between MSS and LASS 3

There are significant differences between Modern Scoring Strings (MSS) and LA Scoring Strings 3 (LASS 3). While both share the same Audiobro orchestral engine and may look similar, the chart below should help you understand the key differences between these 2 libraries. MSS is our newest recorded string library with a different sound and different sized divisi sections and many more articulations than LASS 3. However, LASS 3 still has its niche: an intimate sounding string library with the control of smaller divisis. LASS 3 has been said to have more of a “chamber” sound than MSS probably because of its smaller divisis. Whereas MSS can be argued to be bigger with a different sound. At the end of the day, they complement each other very well!



Differences in Articulations

Articulations MSS LASS 3
Normal Arco Sustain | Legato Articulations    
Vibrato Normal Sustain
Vibrato Accented Sustain  
Vibrato Crescendo Sustain  
Non-Vibrato Normal Sustain
Non-Vibrato Accented Sustain  
Normal Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain
Bowed Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain  
Bloom Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain  
Molto mode  
Sordino Sustain | Legato Articulations    
Sordino Vibrato Normal Sustain
Sordino Vibrato Accented Sustain  
Sordino Vibrato Crescendo Sustain  
Sordino Non-Vibrato Normal Sustain  
Sordino Non-Vibrato Accented Sustain  
Sordino Normal Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain
Sordino Bowed Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain  
Sordino Bloom Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain  
Sul Tasto Sustain | Legato Articulations    
Sul Tasto Vibrato Normal Sustain  
Sul Tasto Normal Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain  
Sul Tasto Transition Speed controls  
Sul Pont Sustain | Legato Articulations    
Sul Pont Vibrato Normal Sustain  
Sul Pont Vibrato Accented Sustain  
Sul Pont Non-Vibrato Normal Sustain  
Sul Pont Non-Vibrato Accented Sustain  
Sul Pont Normal Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain  
Sul Pont Bowed Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain  
Sul Pont Bloom Leg, Port, Gliss Sustain  
Short Articulations    
Col Legno  
Octave Runs    
Major Upward  
Major Downward  
Minor Upward  
Minor Downward  
Diatonic Mode (plays in the key you are in )  
Sync To Project  
Audiobro Scales Engine  
16th Up  
16th Down  
8th Triplets Up  
8th Triplets Down  
Key and Mode (Ionian, Dorian, etc.)  
Sync To Project  
Normal Trem
Sul Pont Trem  
Legato (LPG) Trem
Tonality Mode (plays in the key you are in )
Legato Trills (LPG)
Minor 2nd Up and Down  
Major 2nd Up and Down  
Minor 3rd Up and Down  
Major 3rd Up and Down  
Perfect 4th Up and Down  
Perfect 5th Up and Down  
Diatonic Mode (plays in the key you are in )  
Smart Modes  
Sync To Project  
Short Aleatoric Stabs  
Recorded Sustained Aleatorics (many types)  
Aleatoric Rises  
Aleatoric Falls  
Aleatoric Shepard Tones  
Aleatoric Ambient Shepard Tones  
Sul Pont Tremolo Aleatoric  
Aleatoric Chordal Divisi  


Differences in Microphones

Microphone Stereo Mixes MSS LASS 3
Mic Mixes    
Close Mics  
Stage Mics  
Surround Mics  
Combined Mics (Mix)



Features MSS LASS 3
Number of violins 1 players 16 16
Number of violins 2 players 14 used vlns 1
Number of Violas 12 12
Number of Cellos 10 10
Numbers of Basses 8 8
Number of divisis per section 2 3
Divisis breakdown 1/2 + 1/2 1/4+1/4+1/2
Global Features    
Look Ahead (more accurate playback)
Auto Divisi
Advance Key Switching
Release Triggers On/Off
Layering Articulations within a patch
Stage (virtual stage)
Sonic Profiles TBA soon
Comprehensive Mixer
Audiobro Reverb IRs
NKS integration
DAW integration (Expression maps)
Intuition Patches (lean patches)  
Transition Speed controls
Tighten knob for controlling short dustions
Audiobro Slam feature
Advanced Auto Rhythm Tool (ART) features