Modern Scoring Strings Update and Release Notes

Modern Scoring Strings Update and Release Notes

Modern Scoring Strings 1.2

Modern Scoring Strings 1.2 is now available and includes new Marcato articulations as well as the Look Ahead feature. Look Ahead auto compensates for articulation and Auto Divisi latency with the help of track delays. The video below explains how Look Ahead works:


Modern Scoring Strings 1.1

Modern Scoring Strings 1.1 heavily focused on increasing the expressive range and legato performance capabilities of the library. The following video goes over many of the new features:


How To Update Modern Scoring Strings


1. Log in to the Audiobro Download Center with your Audiobro credentials.

If you need a copy of the application you can download here: Audiobro Download Center


2. If you are using the same machine that was used to originally install Modern Scoring Strings you will see the following:

3. Click on “Updates available” and you will be taken to the Updates section

4. Click on “Update” and the ADC should pull the new content into your existing Modern Scoring Strings library folder

If you are using a different machine to install the update or are otherwise unable to follow the first set of instructions, do the following instead:

1. Look in the “Optional” section of the Download Center and find the entry for “Modern Scoring Strings 1.1 Library Only (No Samples)”

2. Click to install

3. If you’re asked for an installation location you can either point the the folder on your drive that contains the “Modern Scoring Strings Library” folder (which will result in an update) or an alternate location (which would then require you to manually copy the new library folder contents into your existing folder).

You can check for the success of the update by opening Kontakt (in standalone mode, not in a saved multi or DAW project) and loading any of the instruments. After the instrument loads you should see the version number reported in the info are of Kontakt at the bottom. It should look like this:

We highly recommend performing a batch resave after running the update (even if you batch re-saved the original 1.0 version). Note that the Download Center automatically backs up your previous instruments in a “Backups” folder. If you’d like to save time in the batch resave you’ll want to remove this folder to avoid batch resaving all the instruments twice.

Release Notes - Update 1.2 | June, 2021

What’s New

  • Look Ahead Feature added to enable fully-automatic MIDI synchronization of legato transition and all articulation delays when used with quantized MIDI and a negative pre-delay in the host DAW.
  • Marcato articulations added as an option to all short varieties. Marcato now available as a switchable articulation.
  • Sub-legato types (tremolo, trill) now have discrete volume and envelope controls rather than sharing those of the main legato tile.
  • Expanded Legato Library now in parity with the new legato generation of the Main library. Expanded Legato now also contains: Slow Legato mode, Fluid Transition Slider, Bloom Legato Mode with adjustable bloom amount, Auto Transition Speed and Auto Transition Volume
  • Expanded Legato Library now contains full DAW Integrations and snapshots.
  • Expanded Legato Library Tile Presets and DAW Integration options now expanded for specific legato types.


What’s Changed

  • Sus Pedal behavior takes the state of ART into account.
  • Ostinato precision menu now has more options and allows for much tighter release timing

What’s Fixed

  • Aleatoric pad controls no longer persist across the Ens and Mixer pages.
  • One bad 3-note smart ostinato chord computation has been resolved.
  • Many other small bugs have been squashed.

Release Notes - Update 1.1 | April, 2021

What’s New

  • All instruments now feature a Slower Legato Mode which allows for clearer/cleaner transitions at the cost of added latency.
  • Fluid Transition Speed knob now morphs between the slow and fast legato modes allowing you to dial in the legato sound and performance that you want.
  • Bloom Legato Mode adds a new layer of legato expression where each note is expressively feathered in.
  • Controllable Bloom amount can be used in conjunction with Bloom Legato to dial in the amount of amplitude expression in your legato passages.
  • Auto Transition Speed and Auto Transition Volume have been added to automatically adjust parameters to suit your play speed.
  • Molto button added to enable an additional layer of expressive samples for all bowed sustains. Should provide more vibrato throughout the entire dynamic range and especially boost low dynamic vibrato.
  • Pedal support added for non-auto-divisi play modes (currently a rolling 10 polyphony) which allows for mono legato with pedal and pad-style playing of ensembles.
  • Ostinatos now have dedicated Release Extension knob to allow for more dexterous ostinato playing without as much overlap of previous notes.
  • Ostinato release timing can now be set to a High precision mode to allow for much quicker playing styles (tuplets especially benefit).
  • True Velocity mode is now available for all instruments. When dynamics are set to “Velocity” mode they will behave more traditionally where each key is given its own discrete dynamic. This is especially useful on the Ensemble instruments and with custom sustain envelopes.


What’s Changed

  • All legato settings re-optimized against large MIDI test bench.
  • Major changes to legato interrupt handling to better handle variable play speeds and most especially create transparent and natural fast legato.
  • Better handling of first transition fades when playing fast initial notes.
  • The separate “Rebow” button is now removed in favor of the three-way legato style slider (Bloom, Normal, Bowed). This makes it much easier to switch between legato styles during a single fluid performance.
  • Mixer insert parameters now default to half-way when Cmd/Ctl-clicked.
  • Internal clock adjusted to reduce CPU buildup during very fast dynamic change passages.
  • Sound Variation support added for Studio One 5.2+ users.

What’s Fixed

  • Short selection via KeySwitch velocity now performs as expected when the host transport stops.
  • Max time machine voices now automatically reflects the number of mic positions loaded.
  • Purge logic now better handles fully purged states.
  • Solo Viola: Tremolo Legato dynamics now crossfade as expected.
  • Violas B: NV dynamic crossfades now work as expected.
  • Brightness now works more reliably across all instruments.
  • Ensemble patches now properly respond to upper-octave keyswitches.