Modern Scoring Brass

Modern Scoring Brass

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Modern Scoring Brass (Download)

Modern Scoring Brass is an elite 30 piece multi-instrument divisi library painstakingly developed by recording individual brass masters on a trusted scoring stage. This gives you the ability to build your own sections using the sizes and instruments that best suit your production. The library runs in our state of the art Orchestral Engine.

Sale Price: $399.00
MSRP: $799.00
Savings: $400.00

Audio Demos

Reaching The Summit (Daniel Beijbom)

The White Whale (Ed Watkins)


Note: To watch the following videos in full-screen mode, click on the “full-screen” icon on the lower-right of each video.

Horns: A Closer Look
Trumpets: A Closer Look
Muted Trumpets: A Closer Look


Cimbassos: A Closer Look
Trombones: A Closer Look
Euphoniums: A Closer Look


Comprehensive divisi orchestral and scoring brass. Years in the making. Simple to use.

Brass Perf UI
We are very pleased to announce: Modern Scoring Brass (MSB). Modern Scoring Brass sets a new benchmark in orchestral and scoring brass and is built on our new orchestral engine.

This 30 piece multi-instrument divisi library was painstakingly developed by recording different players (one player at a time)* on a trusted scoring stage giving you unprecedented individual control of each instrument and section. The breadth of instrumentation was chosen to offer an enormous range of colors and emotions for your productions.

Since the release of LA Scoring Strings in 2009 we have been asked repeatedly when audiobro will release a brass library. We have always said that we would do it only as soon as we believed that we could push the quality and versatility of brass sampling forward a generation. We know that “next generation” are words that get thrown around very liberally by sample library developers, but we think in this case you’ll agree.

Read on to discover a few reasons we think MSB might delight you.

To see our new orchestral engine in action, check out our latest release Genesis. It will give you a good idea of what to expect from MSB with regards to layout and ease of use.

* All players were recorded one-at-a-time except for Horns 5 & 6 and 7 & 8 who were recorded two-at-a-time for added variety and flexibility.

Because we like surprises, here are a few things we didn’t mention in our original announcement.

1. A massive update to A.R.T. (Auto Rhythm Tool)


  • MIDI drag-drop to your sequencer. The #1 most requested feature for A.R.T. Capture your performance and drag the MIDI right in to your DAW.
  • Notated Rhythm patterns. No longer is each step of A.R.T. relegated to a single note value. Now you can easily notate note and rest durations. Better yet – A.R.T. can switch between the pre-recorded selection of short lengths based on your notation and the host tempo. It also works with all 4 A.R.T. modes. Speaking of which…
  • While A.R.T. classic works just like you remember in LASS, A.R.T. New automatically keeps your playing in time without needing any keyboard precision.
  • New ARP mode lets A.R.T. work as an arepggiator as well, with 15 pre-defined patterns.
  • New Ostinato Tool – a hybrid of an arpeggiator and a step sequencer. Lets you program your own arpeggiated patterns with separate settings for each chord-size (up to 6 note chords).
  • Sometimes it’s the little things: Swing, Humanization, Velocity Syncing, Latching.

Legato Speed

2. Legato Speed

    Each patch comes pre-programmed with legato transitions that are great sounding and quick to respond to your playing. But, you can also adjust the speed of the note transitions to your liking or easily automate them during your legato performances. Our continuously speed-adaptive legato engine keeps working behind the scenes regardless.

3. Separate Full Mix Download Option

Full Mix Download

    MSB is a big library, and some of you will want to get started right away. In addition to the full download which includes all samples we also offer a Full Mix only download that will get you up and running quickly with less space required on your hard drive. Then download the full sample set at your convenience.

Instruments To Suit

4. Instruments That Suit Your Needs

    In addition to the main Master Patches we also offer Full Mix Only patches, Split Divisi Section Patches, and Low RAM Starter Patches to help get you up and running fast


5. The Intuition Series Instruments

Intuition Series Instruments

    The Intuition Series represents a new hybrid-class of split chair instruments that complement and expand the capabilities of Modern Scoring Brass master patches. Using the same world-class recordings but with physically modeled note transitions and pressure curves these instruments are designed to simply load-and-play. Some notable features:
  • Player-first design focus with ability to play faster and virtuosic passages. Intuition Instruments are extremely responsive to your playing and augment it with modeled legato, embouchure pressure, and other dimensions of realtime performance without delay or MIDI programming.
  • Disconnected connections. The idea that notes in line only affect each other when played legato is just not true. Intution offers everything from a detached-legato to round robin shorts that “connect” (influence each other) naturally as you play faster passages. Legato-staccato may be an oxymoron, but even when notes aren’t legato, many performances are inherently connected. Again, just play and the Intuition Engine will take care of the details.
  • Simple, familiar controls – dynamics, vibrato, and note-connection. Access to sustains, legatos, and shorts – as well as both muted and un-muted sounds. The engine plays monophonic legato like you’re used to, but also has a brand new polyphonic legato engine that functions without any input latency.
  • Multi-mic. The same sample pool from the master patches in Modern Scoring Brass means access to all 4 mic channels in any combination.
  • 21 of the chairs from Modern Scoring Brass are currently offered as Intuition Series instruments, each with their own personality.
  • Intuition Instruments work wonders on their own – but also greatly complement the main patches. For instance, layer an Intuition Patch with one of the MSB master patches and get the best of both legato worlds.
  • Low on RAM – low on load time. Big fun.
  • An engine that continues to evolve.

Why Modern Scoring Brass?


1. Pristine Sound

    From the dulcet tones of a lone trumpet in the back of a great concert hall to 4 Cimbassos (divisi of course) blasting your face off – and everything in between. A library that finally captures the broad expressive range and diversity of the brass family. Pristine recording and meticulous editing ensure every note of your music will shine.

2. Diverse and Comprehensive

    A brass library as diverse and nuanced as your music. MSB was performed by true brass masters and was recorded one player at a time. This gives you the ability to build your own sections using the sizes and instruments that best suit your production.
    Note: scroll down to the “Patches and Articulations” section to see all the patch charts detailing their articulations.
  • Horn 1 in F
  • Horn 2 in F
  • Horn 3 in F
  • Horn 4 in F
  • Horns 5 + 6 in F
  • Horns 7 + 8 in F
  • Euphonium 1
  • Euphonium 2
  • Trumpet 1 in Bb
  • Trumpet 2 in C
  • Trumpet 3 in C
  • Trumpet 4 in Bb
  • Piccolo Trumpet 1 (rotary)
  • Piccolo Trumpet 2 (piston)
  • Flugelhorn
  • Tenor Trombone 1
  • Tenor Trombone 2
  • Tenor Trombone 3
  • Tenor Trombone 4
  • Bass Trombone 1
  • Bass Trombone 2
  • Alto Trombone 1
  • Cimbasso 1 in Bb
  • Cimbasso 2 in Bb
  • Cimbasso 3 in Bb
  • Cimbasso 4 in Bb
  • CC Tuba 1
  • CC Tuba 2

Atk Ctrl

3. Variable Attack Control

    Great brass players have an enormous range of attacks possible when playing in any range AND at any dynamic… your brass library should too. Modern Scoring Brass introduces the concept of Variable Attack Control and makes it available on every instrument in the library (mutes and stops included). Most importantly, these aren’t Frankenstein sample edits or synthetic envelopes. These are real variable attack samples – recorded on each note and at each dynamic. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back.

4. Short Articulations

    Shorts. Lots of them. Done right. Four lengths of shorts including tenuto-quarters, staccato, and staccatissimo – plus killer double tongues that finally sound professional (without all the wobbliness you hear in other libraries). Up to 9 x Round Robins… meticulously recorded and edited for nimble playback. Switch between them seamlessly or let our playback-speed recognition technology switch for you. An Assignable Repeat Key makes fast double tongue playing of notes AND chords a simple matter.

5. Next Generation Dynamics and Legato

    Next generation multi-dynamic, continuously adaptive Real Legato is responsive, fluid, and available for every single instrument in the library. There are no second-class citizens.

6. Uncompromising Mutes and Stops

    No shortcuts. Real recorded muted sustains and stops with variable attack control. Real recorded muted and stopped legato. Muted shorts articulations with the same configurations and double tongue combinations as their non-muted counterparts.

7. Synced Crescendos and Trills

    When you play our Crescendos and Sforzando-Crescendos they will sync to the next downbeat, or upbeat (or pretty much wherever you’d like). Or play them unmeasured. Similarly, our trills will play measured or unmeasured at variable speeds using simple half/whole-tone trills or with our smart diatonic trills.

8. Pedal Tones Provide Extended Lower Ranges

    Trombones, Horns, and Euphoniums all have extended ranges by the use of recorded pedal tones. This would include Sustains, Legatos, and shorts! Real recordings of the lower register typically not found in other libraries.

9. The Stage

    Put your players where you want them. Standard orchestral seating, antiphonal brass choirs, close-miced tight dry sound, whatever your production calls for. 52 of our eclectic custom created spaces run the gamut from small dry rooms to huge churches and effect. Plus 13 new additional spaces have been designed specifically for Brass.

10. Responsive Auto Divisi and Polyphonic Legato

    Responsive enough to keep up with your fastest double and triple tongue playing, our Auto Divisi engine will naturally divide your chords among the players in your section for maximum realism. Or turn off Auto Divisi to hear thunderous giant brass sections. Polyphonic legato that’s set-and-forget.

Smart Patches & Articulations

Brass Perf UI


The main performance page interface allows quick access to all the main playback controls. Instruments come pre-configured for easy articulations switching but setting things up your own way is simple and intuitive. We have carefully programmed and combined multiple players into single patches making it simple and intuitive to load a group of section-players or a single player — you have total control. With our new and intelligent Auto Divisi, you can simply play and our engine will distribute the players evenly to your chord tones avoiding the dreaded (and fake sounding) samples build-up sound so familiar in other libraries.

Here is a partial list of MSB’s patch features and articulations:

  • Polyphonic Real Legato (Multi dynamic and continuously adaptive)
  • Real Variable Attack Control: real variable attack samples on all sustains – recorded on each note and at each dynamic. Finally, real sampled embouchure control.
  • A full compliment of articulation key switches come pre-set, but you can also build your own. Set up layers and settings just the way you want, then make it a key switch away.
  • Easily build your own player ensemble or use our pre-made ensembles
  • New Audiobro engine supports Kontakt and NKS
  • New Auto Divisi engine with all-in-1 patches
  • Multiple sustains with different attacks: smooth, accented, marcato
  • Multiple types of short articulations with up to 9 x round robin: tenuto quarters, 8th note staccatos, 16th note staccatissimos, double tongue
  • Crescendos that sync how you want, trills (half, whole, and diatonic) that play metered or unmetered
  • Independent control of players tuning and humanization and vibrato.
  • Advanced Key Switching by Key, CC, velocity, and combinations thereof!
  • Control Dynamics the way you prefer: CC, velocity, or a combination
  • Performed Dynamics can be automatically smoothed out
  • Assignable Repeat Key makes playing double and triple tongue chords simple and fun
  • Vibrato control for each instrument, and sectional vibrato (where just the first chair uses vibrato)
  • The next generation of A.R.T. (the Auto Rhythm Tool)
  • “Sizzle” control dials in bell-shaking, window-rattling power. Or pull out the edge and get sonorous, dark, and mellow

Ensemble and Stage

The Ensemble page is where the Stage and Audiobro’s coveted Auto Divisi and Delay & Humanization (DNH) features reside. Here you can choose and place your players on our virtual stage and our Auto Divisi will intelligently cater to your choices.

Some of the Ensemble Pages’s main features include:

  • Auto Divisi automatically adapts to your player choices
  • 52 ambiance presets using exclusive Audiobro IRs
  • X/Y pad for easy placement of players
  • Independent volume, width and pan per player
  • Adjustable Stage amounts for each microphone
  • Auto-purge samples from players that are not being used on stage

The Mixer


Audiobro’s new Mixer engine features extensive Modulation, Automation and Effects Sends sections that allow you to tailor your sound in compelling ways while keeping things simple and intuitive.

Our new mixer has advanced features like:

  • 20 key switchable Mixer snapshots
  • 5 microphone mixes: Close, Decca L-R, Decca Center, Surround, Full Mix
  • 7 inserts per channel
  • 28 Effects plugins
  • Over 50 filters to choose from
  • Put any effects or filters in any order in our Insert slots
  • Assign MIDI CCs to a plugin Effect parameter
  • Modulation Tables to create compelling sonic landscapes
  • Chopper – rhythmically stutter any channel to your specifications

Komplete Kontrol and NKS

Modern Scoring Brass integrates seamlessly with Native Instrument’s Komplete Kontrol software and NKS* eco system.

Control the most important features of MSB directly from NI hardware and using your sequencer’s device automation. We’ve made it quicker and easier to find sounds – browse and load all KOMPLETE Instrument presets from a single plug-in. Knobs will display all the relevant controls on NI’s LED displays.

Patches and Articulations

Each patch in Modern Scoring Brass has been carefully crafted over hundreds of hours to allow for a consistent out-of-the-box experience. The charts below detail the patches for each brass instrument family and their articulation contents. Each divisi section is comprised of entirely unique samples. Please keep in mind that the charts represent dynamics ranging from ppp through fff.

Using our exclusive Auto Divisi feature, all patches can automatically distribute your chord voicing (up to 8 notes) among the different players. Even if there are only 4 truly divisi players, you can still play more notes than there are players and our engine will automatically balance out the “extra” players to each note. This makes an enormous difference in the realism of the sound and avoids that dreaded sample-buildup sound all too common in other libraries. Of course, you can turn off this feature and play one-line-at-a-time if you prefer.

All patches listed below have common functionality, so if you learn 1 patch, you will feel at home on all the other patches. Those functionalities include:

  • Real Legato (even on mutes and stops!)
  • Tempo smart crescendos
  • Tempo smart diatonic trills
  • 4+ part divisi per patch
  • Sustain Variable Attack controls
  • Double Tongue on everything
  • Different RR algorithms
  • Position players individually

Note: All ranges are in concert (non-transposed) with C4 being middle C.
















PIc Trp




Alto Tbn

Aux Instruments


In addition the the divisi sections listed in the charts above (which all are comprised of unique samples), the library also includes several auxiliary divisi sections to round out a few of the patches (for example, the Alto Trombone and Flugelhorn). These sections were created using transposed versions of real recordings and do not require additional RAM to load. However, they do allow for separate humanization and stage placement in cases where you want a larger and more diverse section. It may not be often that you need 4 divisi Alto Trombones, but if you do they are included.

System Specifications for Modern Scoring Brass

Library Size:

  • About 160GB with loss-less compressed audio files (approximately 260GB uncompressed). 250GB required during installation for the entire 160GB library. Only 80GB required to install the 40GB “Full Mix Only” version of the library.
  • Full Mix Only 40GB Library version also included (in the “Optional” section of the Audiobro Download Center).
  • NOTE: Once successfully installed, please make a safe backup of the library for future reference. There is a $25 Amazon Web Server costs re-download fee if you want to re-download all of MSB’s sample data.

Supported Interfaces:

  • Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units™, AAX®

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows — Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (latest service pack), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB RAM (over 6 GB recommended – the more RAM, the better!)
    *** Windows XP is no longer supported. ***
  • Mac — Mac OS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 or 11 (latest update), i5, 4 GB RAM (over 8 GB recommended – the more RAM, the better!)


* NKS is a registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH.