LASS Legacy Owners FAQ

LASS Legacy Owners FAQ

LASS Legacy FAQs
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Does LASS 3 use the same samples as the earlier versions of LASS?

Yes. LASS 3 uses the same samples. However, in the cases of the Legatos, Portamentos, and Glissandos, you will have access to more of the transitions because of our new Orchestral Engine.

Can I still use LASS 3 with one Divisi at a time?

Yes. You now have several options. You can load up any of the “Split” patches that only feature one Divisi, or you can simply turn off the Divisis you don’t need on the Ensemble page of the UI.

Does LASS 3 have any new sample content?

No. That said, LASS 3 may feel like a newly envigorated library due to its programming.

How is LASS Different from Modern Scoring Strings (MSS)?

There are significant differences between Modern Scoring Strings (MSS) and LA Scoring Strings 3 (LASS 3). While both share the same Audiobro orchestral engine and may look similar, this chart should help you understand the key differences between these 2 libraries. MSS is our newest recorded string library with a different sound and different sized divisi sections and many more articulations than LASS 3. However, LASS 3 still has its niche: an intimate sounding string library with the control of smaller divisis. Some say LASS has more of a “Chamber sound” compared to MSS.