LASS Legato Sordino 2.5

LASS Legato Sordino 2.5

LA Scoring Strings

We are proud to announce LASS Legato Sordino 2.5 (LASS LS 2.5). LASS LS 2.5 is an add-on string library that picks up where the original LASS FULL 2.5 left off with its sordino strings (muted strings). You can now achieve that wonderfully silky sordino sound with all the legato, portamento and glissando expressiveness that is so sought after in emotional scores.

Furthermore, LASS LS can now sound like some of the most coveted film scores and orchestral recordings with or without the ARC by simply accessing a Color drop-down menu on the front panel; or, you can chose Colors  using the ARC that comes with LASS Full 2.5. Our Batman Cries Sordino Multi is a perfect example of this. Read more about the ARC and Stage and Color included in LASS Full 2.5 here.

Introduction to LASS LS — An introductory video to LASS LS with musical examples of each section.

Through The Mist — an audio demo of LASS LS in a cinematic style.

With LASS’s divisi sections, LASS LS allows you not only all the divisi capabilities of LASS, but it also allows you to layer sordino with LASS Full’s standard legato strings to give you that hybrid sordino/non-sordino sound that is so popular in today’s film scores — listen to a hybrid example: The Calm After.

Just like its sibling LASS Full, at the heart of LASS LS’s revolutionary sound are Real Legato performance sample patches and a unique “layered ensemble” approach. These ensembles were all recorded individually in a large film scoring studio. Because they’re made up of different players (avoiding the dreaded “same player” sound), they combine seamlessly to produce entirely cohesive small, medium, or large sections with the right divisi ratios. 100% Legato Sordino – A video of a musical example using only LASS LS.



What’s New in LASS 2?

Click to watch videoLA Scoring LS 2.0 (LASS LS 2) brings you a whole new set of tools providing a new level of expressiveness, realism, real- time playability and program-ability to sampled strings.

Aside from incorporating our new Stage & Color* feature into all LASS LS 2 patches (providing an easy way for LASS Full 2 owners to have LASS LS 2 sound like famous orchestral recordings and film scores), LASS LS 2.0 has updated all the performance scripts including the Auto Arranger, CC Tables, Real Legato, and the Tuning/Micro Tuning. These features have also been 100% integrated with LASS Full 2.0’s ARC (Audiobro Remote Control)*.

* In order to use the ARC’s features (which includes Stage and Color, Key Switcher, etc) you must be a LASS Full 2.0 owner. You can learn more about the ARC here.

Below is a partial list of some of LASS LS 2.0’s new features (you can also read about LASS’s new A.R.C. (Audiobro Remote Control) included when you own LASS Full 2.0).

  • A new Micro Tuning tool and real-time performance of tuning
  • A CC Attenuation knob that allows on to ride CC attenuation in real-time or after-the-fact for added dynamic control.
  • Improved Real Legato, Auto Arranger and CC table scripts.
  • Stage & Color support – At the heart of Stage & Color is a collection of exclusive orchestral sound profiles (colors) inspired by famous movie scores and recordings. Now, at the push of a button, LASS LS can adopt the tonal characteristics of some of the most coveted scores and recordings. Support for the new ARC (Audiobro Remote Control) master script that will allow for dramatically easier control of all sections and divisis from a single window.
  • Support for Reverb and width controls of multiple patches from within the ARC
  • Support for CC Table control of multiple patches from within the ARC
  • Support for Auto Arranger control of multiple patches from within the ARC
  • Support for the new Key Switching approach of multiple patches from within the ARC
  • Many other new features and improvements

(LASS LS 2 works with Stage & Color included with LASS Full 2)



The players are recorded in position on the scoring stage and mixed in the traditional orchestral seating perspective, making it simple to get a magnificent string mix out of the box. Meanwhile we took the utmost care to ensure that the instruments can be panned anywhere with virtually no phasing problems should you need to do that.

To make it easy to get just the right sound, all LASS patches and programming are consistent from the first chair to the full mix. If a part sounds right using one patch, the same sequence will sound right with the other patches. — no MIDI reprogramming required. The result is unprecedented control over dynamics, performance, and section size.

LASS LS is the first fully featured divisi legato sordino string library that offers real-time polyphonic Real Legato, Real Portamento , Real Glissando and Auto Divisi with audiobro’s Auto Arranger. LASS LS also brings a new look and functionality to LA Scoring Strings’ legato patches. The patches have been greatly optimized and re-coded to allow the end-user greater flexibility and ease of use. In addition to a new skin and new features, a new sample Load/Purge mode has been added to replace the many patches from LASS’s previous Legato patches.

In addition, all the blue buttons can be MIDI CC assignable allowing for additional performance automation so you can work fast without having to use the mouse for any of those features.

A new menu has been placed next to the “Leg”, “port” and “gliss” articulations that include the following options (watch a video about this):

  • Unloaded — This unloads all the samples of the selected articulation
  • DFD — This puts all the samples of the selected articulation in Direct From Disk mode (most memory efficient).
  • Speed Lt — This “Speed Lite” mode loads the samples into a quasi DFD mode and uses less memory than “Speed”.
  • Speed — This is the most memory intensive version but allows for the most flexibility with controlling the speed of the portamento and glissando transitions.


L = Legato, P = Portamento, G = Glissando

With LASS LS patches, you can:

  • Play legato, portamento and glissando in real-time without Key Switching by simply playing different velocities.
  • Load only the articulations you intend on using with LASS’s new Load/Purge capabilities.
  • Use the Auto Arranger to play polyphonic legato and Auto Divisi passages in real-time.
  • Use the Dynamics Attenuator (CC Attenuator) to breath new dynamics into your parts.
  • Automate any blue button you see above with CC automation.
  • Tune the patch with the Tuning Table (see Tuning Table section in index)

With divisi ensemble patches you can:

  • use the Auto Arranger on each divisi ensemble patch to give you auto divisi capabilities.
  • split up the divisi ensemble into divisi sections to maintain accurate player count on harmony and chords.
  • perform each divisi ensemble separately to add more of a human performance
  • tune each divisi ensemble separately to add a greater variety to the sound
  • EQ each divisi ensemble separately to have more creative options
  • send different amounts of Reverb or FX to each divisi ensemble separately to add ambiance control.
  • have small, medium or large ensemble sizes by choosing which divisi ensembles you want to use.

System Specifications

Library Size:

  • 5.7 GB with loss-less compressed audio files (approximately 7.1 GB uncompressed)

Software Requirements:

Supported Interfaces:

  • Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units™, RTAS®, ASIO™, Core Audio™, DirectSound™, WASAPI™, AAX1®, AAX2®

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows — Windows Vista/Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 2 GB RAM
  • Mac — Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 (latest update), Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM