LASS Bundles

LASS Bundles

LA Scoring Strings

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There are currently 2 LASS bundles you can purchase… which gives you substantial savings as compared to purchasing the items separately.

LASS Full + LASS LS Bundle


This is LASS’s ultimate bundle. With this bundle you will have all of LASS’s strings and articulations. Please check out the LASS Full and LASS LS libraries to see what this bundle includes. For the latest pricing, please visit our online store.

LASS Lite + LASS FC Bundle

With this bundle, you are saving a lot of money and you are also eligible for the dollar-for-dollar upgrade path.

What is the  dollar-for-dollar upgrade path?

The “dollar-for-dollar” upgrade path offer is good through December 31st, 2015 and can be changed at Audiobro’s discretion. The “dollar-for-dollar” value is based on the current Audiobro sale price of the product from which you are upgrading. Simply put, the current Audiobro sales cost can be applied to the sale price of LASS Full (plus a $50 License Upgrade Fee) if you decide to upgrade by December 31st.

Please check out the LASS Lite and LASS FC libraries to see what these libraries include.