LA Scoring Strings 1.5

LA Scoring Strings 1.5


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LA Scoring Strings (LASS) brings a whole new level of expressiveness, realism and real-time playability to sampled strings.

At the heart of its revolutionary sound are Real Legato performance sample patches and a unique “layered ensemble” approach. These ensembles were all recorded individually in a large film scoring studio. Because they’re made up of different players (avoiding the dreaded “same player” sound), they combine seamlessly to produce entirely cohesive small, medium, or large sections with the right divisi ratios.

LASS also features solo instruments performed by the section leaders. Rather than sounding like “guest soloists,” these instruments sound like the first chair players they actually are, blending perfectly with the sections they come from. (listen to LASS demos)

The players are recorded in position on the scoring stage and mixed in the traditional orchestral seating perspective, making it simple to get a magnificent string mix out of the box. Meanwhile we took the utmost care to ensure that the instruments can be panned anywhere with virtually no phasing problems should you need to do that.

And to make it easy to get just the right sound, all LASS patches and programming are consistent from the first chair to the full mix. If a part sounds right using the first chair patch, the same sequence will sound right with the full ensemble — no MIDI reprogramming required. (You can see a list of the patches at the bottom of this page)

The result is unprecedented control over dynamics, performance, and section size.

LASS (full) is a Kontakt based sample library and runs on Kontakt 3.5 or Kontakt Player 3 (or later). Kontakt Player 3 is included with LASS (full) and Kontakt player 4 is available as a free download from Native Instruments’ website.


Featured LASS Scripts

  • Auto Arranger — a feature exclusive to LA Scoring Strings that allows you to play chords and polyphonic legato lines and phrases…all the while splitting your chords into divisi sections or different instruments sections and maintaining an accurate player count. This can be a huge time-saver as well as a VERY inspirational composing tool.
  • LASS Real Legato — REAL legato performance samples — meticulously programmed and scripted for
  • non-repetitive legato transitions and real-time control of legato articulations.
  • A.R.T. (Auto Rhythm Tool) — an advanced (yet simple to use) rhythm and accents script with humanization features.
  • Trill Script — the script intelligently triggers trills diatonically in any key with just 1 Key Switch.
  • Delay and Humanization — add delay and randomization to the timing of note playback.
  • CC Table — allows you to create your own volume curves for sustain and legato patches.
  • A.M.G. — Anti Machine Gun. Triggers alternate samples to avoid sample repetition.
  • Tuning Tool — allows you to create your own tuning table and add tuning randomization to patches.

Sample screenshot of LASS Real Legato

Sample screenshot of A.R.T. (Auto Rhythm Tool)

LASS Version 1.5 Update overview

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All patches now have full access to all user controllable scripts via tabs on front panel. You no longer have to go into edit mode (click on the monkey wrench) to access them.

The Auto Arranger script brings a whole new range of features never before possible with sampled string libraries with the following features:

  • Polyphonic legato with Real Legato, Real Portamento and Real Glissando
  • Auto divisi and accurate player count
  • Play all sections with 2 hands on 1 MIDI channel
  • Have other sections double at different octaves
  • Create inversions of your chords on-the-fly
  • Create your own set of Key Switchable “rules” that you can invoke in real-time
  • Up to 13 part voice tracking!!

The Delay and Humanization script has been updated with the following new features:

  • The Delay and Humanization script is now accessible from the front panel of the patch.
  • It’s now possible to delay continuous controllers (CC’s)CC controlable On/Off
  • A CC Routing section has been added to route the most used CC’s in LASS (1, 7, 11, 83) to any CC of your choice.

The A.R.T. script has been updated with the following new features:

  • A rhythm sequencer length of up to 32 steps.
  • A beat display that can be set to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 beats to help you create rhythms with ease.
  • The “Slam” feature on all short articulation patches
  • The Seq Len knob now shrinks and grows the table to better represent the sequence length.

The Tuning Tool script has been updated with the following new features:

  • The Tuning Tool script is now accessible from the front panel of the patch.

The CC Table script has been updated with the following new features:

  • The CC Table script is now accessible from the front panel of the patch.
  • There are now 10 user presets for you own dynamic layer and volume curves
  • The default curve will never be lost.There is a knob that will allow you to choose from different curves (Fig 5)
  • There is a smoothing knob that will even out any jagged table artifacts if you draw them in that way by accident.

(fig 5)

The tuning of all the legato ensemble patches and First Chair legato patches have been improved. Various minor bug fixes and sample fixes.

*Derived from Violins I, Violins II are panned to a 2nd violin’s orchestral perspective and programmed to avoid phasing issues with the 1st violins.

System Specifications for LASS Full

Library Size:

  • 16.4 GB with loss-less compressed audio files (approximately 24 GB uncompressed)

Software Requirements:

Supported Interfaces:

  • Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units™, RTAS®, ASIO™, Core Audio™, DirectSound™, WASAPI™

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows — Windows XP (latest Service Pack, 32 Bit), Windows Vista/Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 2 GB RAM
  • Mac — Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 (latest update), Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM