LASS Audio Tutorials

LASS Audio Tutorials

Welcome to the LASS Audio Tutorials section. This section has audio tutorials that could be considered “naked demos” where nothing else is playing but LASS accompanied by dialog that explains what you are hearing.


Spiccato Cellos and the A.R.T script explained

(also see tutorial video)

This demo highlights LASS’s unique A.R.T script that gives you the ultimate control over fast rhythmic patterns and accents. The demo is at 155 bpm to showcase the precision of the short articulations even with the larger stringed instruments. Hold down the sustain pedal and play a note…and you will hear A.R.T. You can read more about this amazing tool in the LASS User Guide.

LASS’s Layered Real Legato Exposed

This demo explains the “layered” approach to a realistic strings sound by showcasing all the different divisis and how they interact together. These naked examples really let you hear the detailed sound of LASS.

Violas Improvised

This audio clip demonstrates LASS’s violas as well as how easy it is to elicit expressive legato lines with improvised performances. Featured are the first chair, divisi ensemble A, B and C violin section. Also, CC83 (the controller that commands the speed of the portamentos and glissandos) is discussed.

LASS Sordino Patches

This demo reveals the expressive range of the LASS’s sordino (muted strings) articulation (both divisi and combined).

Faster Legato Phrases

This simple demo illustrates LASS’s ability to achieve wonderfully expressive legato lines at faster tempos. A simple melody is played by the violin’s first chair and all the other violin divisi ensembles and then they are all played together as a cohesive section. Note how all the different violin sections “sing” the melody differently.

LASS Trills

The Trill script is a very simple script that eliminates a lot of midi-mockup headaches. Instead of having to figure out whether you need to play whole or half-note trills in the key you are in, just play the appropriate Key Switch for the key you are in and LASS’s Trill script does the rest!! Note the dynamic range, clarity and detail of these trills.