ARC – Key Switch

ARC – Key Switch

The ARC Key Switch (KS) feature is a very powerful tool that will allow users to maximize the use of Kontakt on all banks when Key Switching. No longer does one have to use Kontakt Click to watch videoInstrument Banks to enable Key Switching. Now you can load all your patches into Kontakt as you normally would and with a single “Key Switch Input” MIDI channel, you can KS up to 64 patches. Also, if you do decide to use Instruments Banks on top of it, you can KS between 64×32 = 2048 patches. Of course that is extreme… but if ever someone wanted to… technically they could.

The ARC Key Switch allows you to do the following:

  • Definable keyswitch channel allows ability for simple templates and direct access to any individual instrument
  • Customize which CCs are carried through Keyswitches
  • Keyswitches can route inside banks
  • Each keyswitch can route to multiple instruments and bank slots for layering / AA
  • Instant-keyswitch mode: transition between any held (polyphonic) legato note/chord to any other without removing your hands form the keyboard
  • Eliminates frustrations of working with Kontakt GUIs in instrument banks
  • Create Key Switches between patches loaded on different MIDI Channels
  • Create Key Switches between patches loaded in Instrument Banks
  • Access to all 64 channels of Kontakt instruments (even when in plugin mode) when using keyswitches or AA or other layering
  • Layer up to 8 patches on 1 Key Switch (ideal for layering Divisi A, B, C and FC – all on 1 Key Switch)
  • Key Switch and play all patches from 1 Key Switch Input Channel (1 MIDI channel)
  • Still play all patches on their own MIDI channels if you want

TIP: The ARC’s KS allows you to do what other KS systems don’t. It lets you set up your patches in Kontakt as regular non-KS patches and play them from individual sequencer tracks AND also lets you have a dedicated KS track that plays ALL of your patches from 1 MIDI Channel – simultaneously!

What this means is you can have the best of both worlds: Individual access to all your patches on separate MIDI channels for layering, AND Key Switching between patches from a dedicated KS MIDI channel of your choice.

Please watch our online video tutorials (coming soon) to help you get a better understanding of the Key Switch page as well as other ARC features.