ADC Troubleshooting

ADC Troubleshooting

ADC Troubleshooting

1. ADC Keeps Stopping

Please take the following precautions:

  • Please disable any ANTI VIRUS software that may be operating on your computer
  • Please disable computer power-saving modes (you don’t want your computer to go to sleep after 15 minutes)
  • Wireless Ethernet is not as reliable as CAT5 or CAT6 cabled Ethernet.
  • Make sure you turn off firewalls and security apps that may interfere with downloading.
  • Make sure you have a good connection.
  • Make sure you have enough room on your disk.
  • If you are having issues, try installing it on an internal drive and then copying the folder to your Samples drive. Sometimes there are permission issues with certain drives.

2. ADC Keeps Stalling

If the Audiobro Download Center (ADC) application is stuck, try these things in the following order:

    1) Press Pause (not Stop) on the ADC and then choose Resume and see if it picks up again. Be patient. Give it a minute.

      If #1 doesn’t work then try #2

    2) Press Pause (not Stop) on the ADC. Quit the ADC, then Restart the ADC and resume.

      If none of these work, then do #3

    3) Stop Download in ADC, Delete what was downloaded (we may have to reset your account), and then try downloading again from the beginning.

3. ADC Is Blank

    Sometimes Kontakt has issues when it installs certain components on certain Windows systems. It is somewhat of a mystery.

    It seems like some Windows components that get installed alongside Kontakt 5 Player seem to resolve the blank-UI-issue for a few users. There is no harm in installing Kontakt 5.8 to make it work. Here is a link to a Kontakt 5.8 installer:

    Kontakt 5.8 can work alongside Kontakt 6 without any issue (and LASS works in either). After installing it and restarting the Download Center I believe it will be successful for you.

4. ADC “Unexpected Error…” Notice


      We need to reset it’s prefs. On Windows that means:

        1. Make sure ADC isn’t open
        2. Remove any previously downloaded parts (including the temporary folder created in your chosen download location if you see it)
        3. Delete this folder: C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\audiobro-download-center\ (NOTE: this won’t remove any libraries – just reset the preferences for ADC)

      (You may have to enable the showing of hidden files to get to the “AppData” folder)

      That should completely reset your ADC.
      You should now be able to log back in and download.


      We need to reset it’s prefs. On Mac that means:

        1. Quit the app completely
        2. Remove any previously downloaded parts (including the temporary folder created in your chosen download location if you see it).
        3. Delete the following folder from your system: /Users/[Your Username]/Library/Application Support/audiobro-download-center/ *

      *if the user Library folder is hidden on your system you can access it in FINDER by holding “option” and using the “Go” menu in the menu bar. Or alternately, you can use Shift-Command-. (period) to show/hide hidden files.

      (And it might be worth double-checking in Energy Saver that the “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” is not checked.)

      Then try logging in and downloading again.