Notes from the developer regarding LASS

I have always been passionate about strings, even before I ever scored my first orchestral project. As a kid, I remember listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Winter in particular) and getting goose-bumps. It is amazing to me how a real orchestral string section can elicit such a wide range of emotions and touch our soul. From horror to euphoria, and everything in between, strings seem to be able to express any emotion.

I think most composers would agree that there is nothing like a real string section…and I don’t think real strings will ever be replaced. And even though we use sample libraries to do our MIDI mock-ups and check our work, as composers, arrangers and producers, I’d bet that all of you, if given the budget and time, would hire a real string section over using samples in a heartbeat. I know I would. But with many of today’s scoring budgets and schedules, sometimes it’s just impossible to have the “real thing”. It is my hope that in these situations you’ll find LASS to be the best alternative to live players.

As I set out to figure out how I was going to approach this library, it became obvious to me that I should focus on smaller divisi ensembles that could be layered to form full sections. This would enable smaller delicate divisi, regular divisi, unison and tutti writing, and all sorts of options otherwise unavailable to me. Also, by layering, you could ensure more randomness in the different divisis resulting in a much more natural sounding performance. So as it turns out, LASS is like five libraries in one: a First Chair library, 1/4 Divisi A, 1/4 Divisi B, 1/2 Divisi C and a Full Section library.

LA Scoring Strings will evolve and I’d like to think of LASS as a Living Library. We will be working on keeping LASS current and have some exciting updates planed for it already!!

Enjoy…and have fun!!

Andrew Keresztes
Composer / Developer of LA Scoring Strings

audiobro is headed by Andrew Keresztes a composer/producer with over 40 features and television shows under his belt.