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Modern Scoring Strings (Download)

Modern Scoring Strings is an all-newly-recorded 60 piece “a2″ divisi (2 parts divisi per section) string library was painstakingly developed by recording different divisis (a half a section at a time) on a beautiful sounding scoring stage giving you unprecedented control of each instrument and section. Click here to learn more.

Sale Price: $449.00
MSRP: $699.00
Savings: $250.00

Modern Scoring Strings Expanded Legato (Download)

Modern Scoring Strings Expanded Legato adds Legato Sordino, Sul Tasto, and Sul Ponticello to the main library in the same 60 piece “a2″ divisi (2 parts divisi per section) configuration. Click here to learn more.

Sale Price: $249.00
MSRP: $399.00
Savings: $150.00

Modern Scoring Strings Complete (Full + Exp Legato Downloads)

The complete Modern Scoring Strings bundle containing both the main and expanded libraries. Click here to learn more.

Sale Price: $599.00*
MSRP: $1,098.00
Savings: $499.00
* Bundle Pricing

LA Scoring Strings 3 (Download)

LA Scoring Strings 3 reinvents our renowned classic string library, integrating it seamlessly into our new orchestral engine with a host of new features. Click here to learn more.

Sale Price: $429.00
MSRP: $599.00
Savings: $170.00

LASS Lite 3 (Download)

LA Scoring Strings 3 LITE is a library that captures some of the broad expressive range of its full-fledged sibling LASS 3 (complete). This provides for a whole new host of features that were not available to LASS LITE until now. Click here to learn more.

Sale Price: $229.00
MSRP: $299.00
Savings: $70.00

Modern Scoring Brass (Download)

Modern Scoring Brass is an elite 30 piece multi-instrument divisi library painstakingly developed by recording individual brass masters on a trusted scoring stage. This gives you the ability to build your own sections using the sizes and instruments that best suit your production. The library runs in our state of the art Orchestral Engine. Click here to learn more.


The purchase of Modern Scoring Brass includes a download of the full 160GB multi-mic library as well as the reduced-footprint 40GB Full-Mix library (which will be available in the “Optional” section of the Audiobro Download Center). For more details about installation options please watch this video:

Installing Modern Scoring Brass

Sale Price: $399.00
MSRP: $799.00
Savings: $400.00

Genesis Children’s Choir (Download)

Built on our new orchestral engine, the Genesis Choir is an elite 64 piece multi-ensemble (4 part divisi) children’s choir that is like having 4 choirs in 1: Click here to learn more.

Sale Price: $199.00
MSRP: $399.00
Savings: $200.00

LA Drama Drums (Download)

LADD provides a modern solution to scoring cinematic percussion, production and sound design. At its core, LADD is a complete, deeply-sampled modern orchestral percussion library. Not only does its integrated sequencer record and play phrases, LADD can mangle the sound and switch complete effects snapshots from the keyboard in real time. Click here to learn more.

Sale Price: $199.00
MSRP: $749.00
Savings: $550.00

*** Re-downloads of Audiobro libraries: Please make a safe backup of the downloaded library once successfully installed. You’ll need it to re-install the library and put it on a second computer. Otherwise, you can request a re-download. To cover the Amazon Web Server transfer rates, the rates for sample downloads are either $5 for non-Modern Scoring Series libraries or $25 for Modern Scoring Series Libraries.

Kontakt Support: Audiobro uses Native Instrument’s Kontakt as its sample playback engine. Users are expected to have a basic understanding of Kontakt. While Audiobro takes it’s tech support very seriously and has a robust private support forum with over 22,000 posts, we consider basic Kontakt functionality to be outside the purview of Audiobro’s tech support and recommend using NI’s official Kontakt Support forums. That said, as a courtesy, we usually do answer basic Kontakt questions.

AUDIOBRO RETURN POLICY: Downloaded software cannot be returned, and therefore we cannot make refunds. So please make sure you fully evaluate the product and listen to the demos and ask any questions before purchasing. If Audiobro sends you back-up DVDs of sample content only, they may only be returned if it is defective or damaged. If reported within 30 days of shipping, in cases where the product arrives damaged or is defective, we will send a replacement of the defective or damaged item (we may require the defective or damaged item to be returned before sending out a replacement). No audiobro software may be resold and the licenses are not transferable.

FEDEX SHIPMENTS: All our sample backup disks/thumb-drives are shipped via FedEx with a tracking number which is emailed to you upon shipping. It is your responsibility to sign for the package and be there for its delivery. If you are not present at the time of delivery, FedEx will leave a note saying it will re-attempt. If you are not there after the 3rd attempt, FedEx will let you know that it is being held at the local FedEx facility for a few days for pickup. If you do not pick up the package at the facility during the holding period, FedEx will ship it back to Audiobro. If after that time you want to have it shipped out again, you will need to pay for the shipping again as well as our return shipment fees incurred by FedEx.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: International customers are responsible for all shipping charges, taxes (VAT and otherwise), duties and fees levied by their country. There is a “VAT” field in our store and it is for your records and informational purposes only and does not constitute any tax responsibilities on the part of Audiobro. For any questions regarding orders or special shipping arrangements for outside the U.S., please contact us.

PayPal Transaction Fees: As of October 2019, PayPal no longer refunds any transaction fees on refunded purchases. Therefore, in the unlikely event of a refund, the refund will be issued minus the PayPal fees. For more information on this, visit PayPal’s link here.

Resellers: Resellers MAY NOT download our software and resell it. Reselling LASS is in violation of our End User License Agreement (EULA) and therefore you would be liable for any and all damages.

Audiobro Privacy Policy: Audiobro is committed to protecting your digital privacy. To view our policy in detail, click here. In simple terms, Audiobro does not collect any personal financial information from you as that is handled through PayPal.  We don’t collect credit card numbers, or banking information. Basically we collect your name, address, product, purchase price, email, and phone number if included. For security reasons, we do collect IP addresses and certain technical data when you create an account with us. Please read the detailed information in our guidelines and please note that by using our applications, sound libraries, and websites or by purchasing our products or by creating a user account with Audiobro, you are accepting and consenting to our privacy policies.